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Juggling Act – Balancing work, family and studies pays off as TROY grad launches career
By Holly Keith

Troy University alumna and mother of three Kellie Folger mastered the art of multitasking while at TROY and is turning her degree into a successful career. Folger graduated from the Dothan Campus in December of 2004 with a degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing.

For the past year and a half, the Dothan resident has been her own boss, working from home as a marketing consultant.

“I’ve been involved in every aspect, including copywriting, press releases, ads, brochures, posters and layout,” she said.

She might not have the job she describes as “a lot of fun,” however, if it weren’t for her education at TROY and her ability to manage several tasks at once. She attended TROY full time, worked, volunteered with the Dothan Service League and raised a family.

“It was a trying task to juggle school, work and kids,” she said. “Thank goodness for my husband.”

She also credits the University’s online class offerings.

“Online classes saved me,” she said. “They allowed me to continue as a full-time student.”

Folger wanted her kids to have two parents with a college degree, which led her to return to school. Online classes and the close proximity to her home made TROY the best solution for her.

Folger was not sure what her future held until a TROY economics professor at the Fort Rucker location saw her talent for sales and advised her to go into marketing. She is grateful for the challenging professors at TROY.

She said Associate Professor of Business Dr. Joseph Fielding gives great advice because he has seen and done it all.

“He’ll throw you a curveball and make you think,” she said. “You always have to be on your toes in his class. He is a huge asset for Troy University.”

Dr. Fielding expressed the same sentiment about Kellie.

“She brought a lot of energy to class,” he said. “She was very intuitive and very perceptive.”

Folger advises others interested in marketing as a career to think outside of the box.

“Have tenacity while going after something and take risks,” she said.

Because Folger chose to use her talents, she has found success.

“I’m very happy,” she said. “Marketing comes as second nature to me.”

Keith is a senior majoring in journalism at Troy University. Keith served as an intern in the Office of University Relations on the Dothan Campus during the summer semester.

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