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New Trojan statues unveiled


Troy University unveiled two new Trojan warrior statues modeled after the one that adorns the fountain on the University’s main quad. The new Trojan statue overlooking the field at Movie Gallery Veterans Stadium is presented during a pre-game ceremony on Sept. 13. From left to right, are Dr. Manley Johnson; Al Head; Larry Strickland; Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., Chancellor; Dr. Doug Hawkins, president pro-tem of the TROY Board of Trustees; retired Brig. Gen. Ed Crowell; Dr. John Schmidt, senior vice chancellor for advancement and external relations; and, Dr. Richard Federinko, senior vice chancellor for student services and administration. The new Trojan warrior keeps watch over the University’s Dothan Campus. The statues were created by Strickland, who traveled to China with TROY officials last summer where he worked with a Chinese sculptor to reconstruct the molds. The Trojan statues were then cast in bronze at the same facility that produced “The Thinker” Statue that was donated to Troy University by Hou Baozhu.

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