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TROY examines ‘green’ issues

Move over cardinal, black and silver, there’s a new color that is on the scene at Troy University – green.

University officials have been taking steps to become more environmentally friendly now for some time, and those efforts seem to continue to grow and gather steam.

When the newest academic building on the Troy Campus – Jack Hawkins, Jr., Hall – opened its doors in January, it was touted for its energy concious amenities – such as timed lighting and energy-efficient windows, air conditioning and heating systems.

Troy University Chancellor Jack Hawkins, Jr., took the next step when he announced that TROY would strive to become a paperless University.

Today, course catalogues, class schedules and forms used by faculty and staff University wide are being placed online in order to cut down on the use of printed materials. Next year, the athletics department will develop online media guides rather than printed pieces, according to Ricky Hazel, director of athletics media relations.

However, the sustainability plans of the University go well beyond that, according to Mark Salmon, director of the University’s Physical Plant.

Salmon said the University’s sustainability efforts will examine several areas, such as energy conservation, establishment of a baseline to determine the University’s carbon footprint and an examination of the University’s transportation system.

The first step in that process, Salmon said, is conducting energy audits on the University’s Alabama Campuses.

And while some efforts are still in the planning stages, Salmon said the University is already actively involved in environmentally friendly practices.

“In our cleaning of the buildings, we are using products that are green certified,” Salmon said. “In our building design, we are looking at ways to not only to conserve energy inside, but also materials and methods in the construction process that are more green friendly.”

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