Fall 2010
Fall 2010
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Weddings and Engagements

Leigh A. Mace (1984) to Jimmy Huckaby
Stanley L. Sauls (1996) to Lori Catrett
Shavonne M. Holloway (2001) to Cornelius Burrows (1999)
Kevin W. Gates (2005) to Kelly Saver
Ginny M. Koen (2005) to Bryn Miller
Brittany Baker (2007) to Kyle McAfee
Jonathan P. Cobb (2007) to Amanda McGhee
Kimberly L. Thomas (2007) to Christopher Hanson
Megan A. Adkins (2008) to Bradley Davis (2006)
Amanda B. Calhoun (2008) to Ben Skelton (2008)
Jeni Laliberte (2008) to Nick Gruber
Stacee K. Strength (2008) to Geoffrey Peer (2008)
Megan A. Piland (2008) to Stephen Driggers
Kristina Brower (2009) to Michael W. Keck
Shelley M. Hunter (2009) to Nicholas Cimarossa
Matthew B. Rice (2009) to Janelle Swihort
Weston J. Taets (2009) to Ashley Moseley
Haley B. Williams (2009) to Travis Boyd (2009)
Haley A. Pittman (2010) to Jace Vickers
Mandy Stephenson (2010) to William Howard
Rachel Noel Smith (2009) to William Everette McCurdy (2009)

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