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No. 69
A debate team, dubbed the frst in the
University’s history, makes its debut in
No. 70
Lewis M. Purnell, former U.S. Deputy Chief of Missions in
Indonesia, joined the TROY faculty in 1973 as a diplomat in residence.
No. 71
In March 1974, the new and unfortunate trend of streaking made its debut on the Troy Campus. Two males in tennis
shoes, ski masks and nothing else ran approximately 880 yards in front of the Administration Building before climbing into a get-away
car parked near Cowart Hall. About 400 students witnessed the spectacle.
No. 72
According to a 1977
edition of the Tropolitan, Shackelford
Hall residents reported hearing their door
opening and footsteps entering the room,
even though the door was locked. The
coeds’ report revived the legend of Sally
Shack, the ghost of the dorm. Legend
has it that a female student took her own
life in 1929, the year the dorm opened,
because of her love for a TROY football
player. Other versions of the tale specu-
late that a member of the faculty was the
object of her passion.
No. 73
Also in 1977, student Pat Scobie became the frst female member
of TROY’s chapter of Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity. At the time, Scobie was a
33-year-old housewife from Cairo, Ga., who returned to school after marrying and
beginning a family.
No. 74
In 1978, pop singer Helen Reddy
performed at Troy State University, but her stay was
not all pleasant as her sound equipment was stolen
from the parking lot of a local motel. It was later
No. 75
Star power seemed to be a com-
mon theme during 1978, as Oscar-winning
actress Olivia de Havilland visited Troy, Ala.
No. 76
Dr. Edward Teller, a former colleague of Albert Einstein and widely known as the
“father of the hydrogen bomb,” spoke on the Troy Campus in October 1979. His topic
was possible solutions to the energy crisis.
No. 77
TROY was a popular stop on the presidential campaign trail in
1979. Presidential hopeful George H.W. Bush, who would later become the 41st presi-
dent of the United States, addressed an open forum and held a short press conference in
the Adams Center on the Troy Campus in October of that year. Later that same month,
Illinois Congressman Phil Crane, also seeking the Republican presidential nomination,
made a campaign stop on the campus.
No. 78
In 1980, three snakes
on display in McCall Hall were stolen,
including a fve-foot, six-pound red-tailed
boa constrictor named Pierre. The snakes’
owner, a student from Atlanta, said the
display was designed to teach students
about exotic reptiles.
No. 79
Pamela Rigas, a business major from Canfeld, Ohio, qualifes to compete for the title of Miss USA after being crowned
1980’s Miss Alabama USA.