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No. 113
In 1986, the Trojan baseball
program took its turn at the top, winning
the NCAA Division II National Champi-
No. 114
The Trojan baseball
team made it back-to-back champion-
ships, winning the 1987 NCAA crown.
No. 115
Also in 1987, the Trojan
football team defeated Portland State
31-17 to claim the NCAA Division II
National Championship.
No. 116
In 1990, Chase Riddle retires as Trojans
baseball coach as the most winning coach
in the program’s history.
The University baseball feld, Riddle-
Pace Field, bears his name.
No. 121
Plans get under way
in 1990 to move TROY athletics from
Division II to Division I, the highest level
of NCAA competition.
No. 118
In 1992, the men’s basketball team sets an NCAA scoring record with
a 258-141 win over DeVry Institute. Later that season – the Trojans’ last of Division II
competition – TROY advanced to the national title game.
No. 119
In 1993, the Trojan football team advanced to the national semi-
fnals in its frst year of Division I-AA competition.
No. 120
The women’s basketball team makes
it frst appearance in the NCAA
Division I championship tournament
in 1997.
No. 117
October 13, 2001TROY football moves to NCAA Division I-A, now
known as the Football Bowl Subdivision. The inaugural season is highlighted by a win
over Mississippi State.
No. 122
In 2003, the University
is invited to become a member of the Sun
Belt Conference.
No. 123
September 9, 2004 TROY hosts its frst nationally televised home football
game from Movie Gallery Veterans Stadium, defeating No. 19 Missouri in front of an ESPN 2
television audience.
No. 124
TROY plays in the 2004 Silicon Valley Classic bowl game in its frst D-1 bowl appearance.
No. 125
In 2006, the Trojans defeat the Rice Owls in the New Orleans
Bowl to claim the school’s frst ever bowl win.
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NO. 112
1984 was a good year for the Trojans on the links as well, as both the men’s and women’s golf teams also claimed
NCAA Division II national crowns.