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TROY Magazine
The Confucius Institute at Troy University has opened a new of fice at TROY’s
Montgomer y Campus, giving area citizens closer access to the Institute’s business,
educational and cultural resources.
TROY’s Confucius Institute is the state’s only such institute with a statewide
mission of providing the people of Alabama with knowledge of China that will
ser ve business, educational, cultural and public interests.
The new Montgomer y Campus of fice is staf fed with a full-time Chinese business
language teacher, giving local schools and businesses increased access to a variety
of ser vices including language training, study abroad programs and translation
ser vices.
Among the programs of fered by TROY’s new Montgomer y Confucius Institute
of fice will be “Chinese in Schools,” aimed at developing Chinese language
programs in Alabama schools. The program will provide training and professional
development for teachers, networking for schools taking par t in Chinese language
initiatives and after-school programs for middle and high school students, along
with other ser vices.
For local businesses, the Confucius Institute of fers a variety of programs and
ser vices aimed at promoting economic development, tourism and exchange between
the U.S. and China. The Institute can provide on-demand translation for groups
headed to China and act as a ser vice provider for businesses cur rently operating in
China or planning to do so.
The Confucius Institute at Troy University was established in 2007 with suppor t
from the Chinese Ministr y of Education and was the first of its kind in Alabama.
Confucius Institute
Opens a New
Montgomery Office