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TROY Magazine
Attending Troy University was a simple choice, each of the
Guttensohn quints said in his own way.
The brothers are actually Trojan legacies – parents Amy and
Eric Guttensohn of Montgomery have degrees from TROY
– and are enjoying the fruits of a scholarship endowment
established at their birth.
“I think some of us thought about going to college
somewhere else, but not that seriously,” said Taylor, the
youngest by about four minutes. The others quickly agreed.
As the nations only set of male quintuplets, Taylor and his
brothers Tanner, Mason, Parker and Hunter have had their
share of media attention over the years. It doesn’t look like it has phased them one bit. Their adjustment to college
has been typical – except, perhaps, for their living arrangement.
A four-bedroom suite in Trojan Village was altered to accommodate five bedrooms, giving the brothers their first-
ever taste of having their own bedrooms.
“We’re away from each other more than ever before, but there hasn’t been anything strange about that,” said
Parker, commenting that their academic and campus work schedules don’t necessarily line up well.
But they’re back together enough for them, sharing time in the dorm room that barely has enough space for a
common living room. They’re glad to have bedrooms of their own though, and all agree it might be impossible to
throw a big bash in their dorm environs.
Still, about a month into their experience, the transition to college life has been smooth.
“It’s not as difficult as I thought,” said Taylor. “I thought not having Mom and Dad there to wake me up, or keep me
on schedule might be tough, but it hasn’t been a hard adjustment. It’s just all up to me (to keep myself on track).”
Hunter echoed the sentiment: “It’s not Montgomery. We’re on our own more and we have more responsibility.”
“I never really had a picture of going to class or walking across campus in my mind, but there have been no
surprises. It is definitely an awesome campus,” Mason said.
Troy isn’t Montgomery, but the transition to college life has also been eased by friends who are fellow students
on the Troy Campus. And, like many freshmen, the Guttensohn quints have already picked up on the use of the
traditional “Saga” in reference to Trojan Dining.
“Saga is definitely a new focal point,” Tanner said.
The nation’s only set
of male quintuplets
started a new
chapter in their
lives in August:
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