Spring 2008
Spring 2008
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Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr.

Wallace Malone, one of Alabama’s most successful bankers and Trustee Emeritus of Troy University, often said that “over-the-horizon vision” was a key ingredient for success. Mr. Malone believed it’s not good enough to see the possibilities for next week or next year. True success means looking years down the road. We have tried to achieve that “over-the-horizon” outlook at Troy University. Of course, any analysis must take into account the resources needed to turn vision into reality.

The cover story of this edition of the Troy University Magazine deals with this issue, as we explain our “Building Beyond Boundaries” initiative. This multi-year effort will ensure that TROY has the resources for major capital projects on all four Alabama campuses, additional monies for scholarships and academic program enhancements and improved athletic facilities.

“Building Beyond Boundaries” is based upon our realization that the next 120 years for Troy University will be vastly different than our last 120. For example, past capital improvement programs consisted almost solely of bricks and mortar. The modern university, however, must also factor in the cost of emerging technologies and the creation of new degree programs to meet the needs of a changing world. Please read more about “Building Beyond Boundaries” and decide how you can best support your alma mater in this important endeavor.

You can also assist your alma mater by becoming a lifetime member of the Troy University Alumni Association. This issue profiles William Howell, III, our first lifetime member and explains the lifetime member program in detail.

Supporting Troy University can take many forms. At each commencement, I urge the graduates to send us good students. Mrs. Tabby Horn is a shining example of this type of support, as she put all four of her children through TROY. We profile Mrs. Horn in this edition, as well as news of other alumni, including Herbert “Moo” Evans, a former Trojan basketball player who is a member of the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters.

In closing, allow me to mention another area where Troy University needs the support of Alabama residents—the purchase of a TROY license plate. The University receives $48 from the purchase of every plate, which goes toward scholarships for deserving students. It’s a great way to show your Trojan spirit, and it’s tax-deductible.

We are proud of our alumni, which number more than 114,000 strong and can be found around the world. Let us hear from you so that we may include you in a future edition of the Troy University Magazine.

Jack Hawkins, Jr., Ph.D.

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