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Lifetime Membership: Commitment to TROY Alumni Association was natural step for Howell

Lifetime Membership Lifetime Membership

For 1972 Troy University graduate Bill Howell, becoming a lifetime member of the University’s Alumni Association was just a logical step to take.

The Dale County native, who since 1982 has served as principal legal advisor for the Alabama District of the Small Business Administration, didn’t realize at the time that he was the first alumnus to become a lifetime member when the Alumni Association initiated the program in 1992.

Howell takes great pride in the University’s growth and success.

“My father still lives in Ozark and we pass through Troy every now and then,” Howell said. “It is amazing how much things have changed since I was a student. I enjoy keeping up with TROY athletics and how the University as a whole is doing. I think it is important to maintain that connection and would certainly recommend a lifetime membership to any alumnus of the University.”

Howell finished with a double major in management and business administration. He went on to earn a Juris Doctor degree in 1977 from Jones School of Law.

Howell previously served as attorney advisor and district office attorney for the Small Business Administration’s Alabama District, as well as serving with the Legal Aid Society of Birmingham.

Currently, more than 200 TROY alumni have become lifetime members, according to Faith Ward, director of alumni affairs.

“The Lifetime Alumni program is a means through which our alumni can demonstrate their continued support and pride in Troy University,” Ward said. “We want to encourage other alumni to consider becoming a lifetime alumnus and demonstrating this type of commitment to their alma mater.”

Lifetime memberships in the TROY Alumni Association are $500 for an individual or $750 for a couple. For further information or to become a lifetime member, contact the Troy University Office of Alumni Affairs at 334-670-3318.

Troy University Alumni Association Lifetime Members
Ashley Aaron           
Sohail Agboatwala
A. Craig Akridge           
Christopher Ameter           
Michael Amos           
Dennis Anderson           
Merrill Bankester           
Edward Bassett
Sheila Bassett           
Jason  Belcher           
Edward Billings           
Kennith Blankenship
Shelia Blankenship
Stanley Blankenship
Todd Bobe           
Bob Boothe           
John Bossom           
Roy Boswell           
Pamela Boutwell           
Julian Brackin           
Patsy Brackin
Tara Brackin
Sarah Bridewell           
Richard Brooks           
John Buck           
Georgia Buettner           
Virginia Bush           
Terry Butts           
Samuel Carr           
Karen Carter           
Richard Carter           
Elizabeth Chambliss           
Marilyn Clarkson           
Peter Cole           
Harold Collins
Arthur Copeland           
Delwyn Cosby           
Theron Covin           
Carroll Cowles           
Kenneth Cox           
Kyle Cox
Peggy Cox           
Donna Crew
Mickey Crew
Garel Curry
Bruel Davis
Thomas Davis
Scott Denman           
Margaret Dowling           
Richard Dowling           
Roy Drinkard           
Martha Drinkard           
William Duffill           
Dirk Dupuy           
Kevin Eggler           
Charles Eggler           
Rosemary Elebash           
Nicey Eller           
Jay Eller           
Andrew Fairchild           
Linda Felton-Smith           
Lang Floyd           
Sherri Fulford           
James Gardner           
Carolyn Gibson           
David Gilliand           
Christopher Glennon           
Frederick Gouge           
Sandra Gouge           
Lana Green           
Dwight Greene           
Barbara Grimes
David Grimes           
Charles Griner           
Cynthia Halcomb           
Norma Harper           
John Harrelson           
Barbara Harrington           
Tony Harris           
Hubert Hatcher           
Jack Hawkins, Jr.
Janice Hawkins           
Frank Hayden           
Betty Head           
Fred Head           
Jon Heath
Maria Heath           
Samuel Heath           
Edgar Hicks           
Amy Holley
Roni Holley           
Steven Holley           
Julia Holmes           
Mickey Holmes           
Lindsay Hopper           
Deborah Hopper           
William Hopper           
William Howell           
David Hudson           
JoAnne Hughes           
Joshua Hughes           
Larry Hughes
Meghan Hughes           
Earl Hutto           
James Hutto           
Hakeem Ishola           
Mary Jackson           
Betty Jeffrey
Don Jeffrey           
Annie Johnson
Earl Johnson
Buddy Johnson           
Robin Johnson
Theresa Johnson           
Tommy Johnson           
Eulane Jones           
Henry Jones           
Martha Jones           
Michael Jones           
Chris Kelley           
Lewis Kelly           
Tom Kendall           
Vitaly Khelemsky           
Charlie King           
Deborah Kirk           
David Laliberte           
Jean Laliberte
Jeni Laliberte           
Chris Lammons           
Sarah Lane           
Forrest Latta           
Lori Letson           
John Long           
Charles Madigan           
Michael Malone           
David Marsh           
Marianne Mathieu           
Rickey Maxey           
Charles McCall           
Mary McCruter           
Sonia McDonald           
Kim McLernon           
Ruth Milner           
Douglas Mims           
Melanie Mims
Todd Moenster           
Herbert Moore           
Katie Mote
Todd Mote
Wanda Motes           
Joseph Mytych           
Burton Newsome           
Claudene Nichols           
Allen Owen
Annette Owen           
Charles Owens           
Mahlon Paulk           
Sue Paulk           
Debora Pettway           
Bobby Phillips           
Joseph Pickett           
Lee “Bubba” Pinckard           
Patty Porter
Stephen Porter           
Patricia Powell           
Craig Price           
Gingerlee Pritchett           
Talmage Rachels           
Heather Ray           
Cassius Rayborn           
William Reid           
Susan Reynolds           
William Rhoads           
Malia Richmond           
Brandi Roberson           
Theodore Roose           
Dykes Rushing           
Billy Salter           
Cassandra Sanford           
James Saunsaucie           
Gary Spillers           
Joan Steele
William Steele           
Eileen Szerszynski           
Robert Szerszynski           
Clement Taylor           
Riley Taylor           
Fred Thompson           
John Trotman           
Carolyn Vickers           
Marvin Vickers           
Bridgette Walton           
Faith Ward           
Harold Wasden           
Linn Welch
Meredith Welch           
William “Billy” Whigham
Ann Williams
Jerry Williams
Mary Williams
Nancy Williams           
Alison Wingate           
Julius Wingate           
Caleb Wise           
Marcia Wrightreynolds
Michael Wrightreynolds           
Robert Youmans

If you are a lifetime member of the Troy University Alumni Association but are not listed here, please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at 334-670-3318.

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