Spring 2009
Spring 2009
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Trojan Territory
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Weddings and Engagements

Todd A. Pate (1998) to Anna Marler
Kisha L. McLoyd (2001) to Cleon Mitchell
Marsha Cummings (2002) to Troy Hudson
Melissa Bond (2004) to Bo Adams
Crystal M. Center (2004) to Jacob Krausz
Stephanie N. Craig (2004) to Jeffrey Herrod
Kaci L. Daughtry (2004) to T. Mark Perry
Angie Youngblood (2004) to Alex Long
Brandon D. Esco (2005) to Nicole Armstrong
Heather N. Shufelt (2005) to John Hubbard (2005)
Deanna L. Cook (2006) to Dr. Jon Eric Pasley (1994)
Blair Amanda Duke (2006) to Jacob Conway
Jennifer D. Linton (2006) to David Brister (2005)
Tiffany M. Weaver (2006) to John Andrews
Daniel B. Smith (2007) to Miranda Long
Becky Belin (2008) to Roy McDaniel (2008)
April C. Hardy (2008) to Clay Harris (2008)
Rachel M. Heger (2008) to Jeffery Hale
Ashley N. Rushing (2008) to Michael Hataway
Meagan N. Stacey (2008) to Jonathon Blair (2007)
Brent Whitmore Dorner (2005) to Sarah Elizabeth Tooley

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