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The ‘TROY option’ - Degree leading to success for member of the University’s first graduating class in Vietnam
By Tom Davis

option option

At first glance, it appears Dang Trung Duc is not the typical Troy University graduate.

The 24-year-old native of Bacninh, Vietnam, received his TROY diploma at a ceremony approximately 7,600 nautical miles from Alabama. When he professes his love for football, it’s of the World Cup variety and not the Super Bowl.

But closer examination reveals that “Duke,” as he likes to be called by his western friends and colleagues, shares at least one thing in common with the vast majority of his fellow Troy University alumni — he is determined to use his TROY education as a key to success.

“I chose Troy University because I was aware of the American education ‘trademark,’ though I had no idea what Troy University was,” said Duke, who was a member of the University’s first graduating class in Vietnam in 2008.

Duke added that his love of the English language, which he started learning at age 7, led him to what he called his “TROY option.”

“I’d love to live and study in the English language environment,” Duke, who works as an information staff manager for Samsung Electronics, said. “I want to meet people outside the Vietnamese border and I know that English will shorten the distance with them.”

Duke’s job with Samsung provides the opportunity to travel across Asia to places such as Korea, Singapore, India and China, and it gives him practical experience working with both technology and people. Although many entry-level professionals in the United States are feeling the pinch of the sluggish economy, Duke said the ripple effect has not hit his home nation too hard.

“Vietnam is somehow out of the storm, maybe because we have newly joined the world market,” he said. “Moreover, we don’t have any global company that relies mainly on the USA economy. This trouble doesn’t affect my job either. Samsung is famous for taking advantage of a crisis to become bigger; therefore, this economic trouble may affect my company in a positive way.”

In the next three years, Duke plans to earn a master’s degree by attending an American or European university and TROY is one of the schools he’s considering. He said his TROY education has prepared him well for the next step in his career. The U.S.-style education he received gave him a chance to express himself in class and become, as he puts it, “a good technical engineer with the soul of an artist.”

“I was prepared so well with my TROY education, and I always have the confidence that I can do anything I want,” Duke said. “Troy University gave me a global point of view and the diversified knowledge that can help me achieve my goal.”

Davis is director of university relations.

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