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Survey: TROY students enjoy online learning

Complete findings: Troy University students are satisfied with their online learning programs

An increasing number of Troy University students are opting for online education as an alternative to traditional in-class instruction and the vast majority of students are thriving in that environment.

That summarizes the findings in a new survey by Dr. Jim Bookout, Senior Vice Chancellor of Finance and Business Affairs at TROY. The key finding in the survey showed that 89 percent of TROY students responding to the survey—2,618 students—said they were satisfied with their on-line classes. In addition, more than 85 percent of the students surveyed said they preferred the on-line classes.

Dr. Bookout’s survey is one of the most thorough on the subject to date, as almost 3,330 current students responded to the survey during the spring 2010 term.

“Many institutions are now realizing that the online learning environment is becoming a significant alternative to the traditional on-campus teaching environment,” according to an analysis of the survey results prepared by Dr. Bookout. “The continuing examination of the perceptions, attitudes, and experiences both students and faculty have of online learning is critical, in order to better understand the dynamics related to effective teaching and successful learning.”

Dr. Bookout’s study said the high level of student satisfaction is based on student autonomy, the opportunity for interactive learning and a high level of instructor support.

The study also pointed out that the vast majority of TROY students taking online classes, 72 percent, are between the ages of 26 and 45, with the over-26 category representing the students most satisfied with on-line learning.

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