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New academic buildings in Phenix City
and Dothan are among the upcoming
projects to be funded by the Building
Beyond Boundaries capital campaign.
Officials from Troy University and
Phenix City met on the bluff overlooking
the Chattahoochee River on April 6 to
break ground for the building that will
house classrooms for the College of
Business, an office of the Center for
International Business and Economic
Development and a Water Resources
Research Center.
Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., Chancellor of Troy
University, called the project the result of
a shared vision between the City and the
“This is not just about a building,” Dr.
Hawkins said. “It’s about a partnership,
it’s about progress and it’s about
In Dothan, a donation by the James F.
Coleman family is helping to pave the
way for construction of a new academic
building that will provide classrooms
and offices for the Sorrell College of
Business, along with the offices of
Alumni Affairs and Development.
Jeff Coleman, a 1995 TROY graduate,
presented the donation on behalf of the
family to the University on Feb. 11 during
TROY’s 125th Birthday Gala Celebration
at the Troy Campus.
The new building will bear the name
James F. Coleman Hall in honor of
Coleman’s father. The building is expected
to be approximately 40,000 square feet
and will cost about $7 million.
“We’ve been talking about this project in
a silent period for a number of years now,
and in December I thought of great way
to get involved,” Coleman said. “I went
back to my family, and we thought this
was a great way to honor a great man in
my life, my father.”
The building will bring all college of
business programs taught in Dothan
under one roof and allow for expansion
of course offerings through the creation
of a degree program in entrepreneurship.
The Coleman family owns southeast
Alabama-based Coleman World Group,
one of the top 50 largest privately owned
companies in the State of Alabama. Its
two main divisions are Coleman American
Moving Services and Covan Worldwide
Moving. Jeff Coleman currently serves as
the group’s president/CEO.
Academic buildings planned for
Phenix City, Dothan
Artist’s rendering of the new academic building
on the Dothan Campus
Jeff Coleman, James Coleman and Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr.