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Levine earns rare recognition in his field
Dr. Philip J. Levine discovered early in life the career field he wanted to sink his teeth into.
Growing up in Mobile, Levine shadowed his family’s dentist and soon realized he wanted
to make dentistry his life’s work.
Dr. Levine received his undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University, his dental
degree from the University of Tennessee and master’s degrees from George Peabody
College of Vanderbilt University and Troy University.
For 36 years, Dr. Levine operated a private dentistry practice in Pensacola, Fla. until his
retirement in 2000. However, it was in 1981 that he received a phone call that sent his career
down a somewhat different path – forensic odontology.
Dr. Levine was asked by the Escambia County, Fla. medical examiner to assist in
identifying skeletal remains discovered behind a closed seafood company. His work helped
local police solve the crime.
Since that time, Dr. Levine has used his expertise to assist medical examiners and law
enforcement. In retirement, he is now a full-time forensic odontologist and educator. Dr.
Levine is a mass disaster preparedness consultant in Pensacola and throughout northwest
Florida and he serves as a consultant to the Escambia County Sheriff ’s Department, the
Okaloosa County Sheriff ’s Department, the Pensacola Police Department and the Florida
Department of Law Enforcement. He has served as the chief forensic dental consultant to
the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, District One, for the State of Florida since 1982.
Dr. Levine’s devotion to TROY and his relationship with law enforcement through
his forensic odontology work led him to endow the Dr. Phillip J. Levine Scholarship for
students majoring in criminal justice.
Dr. Levine is an internationally recognized lecturer on matters dealing with dentistry and
the forensic sciences and has lectured in the United States, Russia, Turkey, Israel and Taiwan.
His expertise includes identifications of unknown remains, bite mark analysis, domestic
violence and child abuse.
Dr. Levine founded the forensic odontology course at Nova Southeastern University’s
College of Dental Medicine, and he has been a member of the faculty there ever since. In
2000, he was elected to the presidency of the American Society of Forensic Odontology,
the largest organization of forensic dentists in the world.
However, it was in 2011 that he received one of the highest honors of his career – the
Florida Association of Medical Examiners’ Outstanding Achievement Award. Dr. Levine
became only the third recipient of the award in nearly three decades.
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By: Matt Clower
Jerry Williams, the new president of Troy
University’s National Alumni Association, said his
TROY education helped him realize his career dreams,
and he wants as many students as possible to have the
same opportunity regardless of their financial situation.
To that end, Williams said a top priority of his
tenure as alumni president will be establishment of
a scholarship fund that will help talented students
overcome financial obstacles on their paths toward
attaining TROY degrees.
“I am prejudiced, but I firmly believe that TROY
offers one of the best college experiences in this entire
nation, and I just think it is a tragedy if one student
who wants to come to TROY is not able to do that
because of financial limitations,” Williams said.
Williams, who was elected alumni president in
January, is working closely with members of the
alumni board and university officials to develop new
fundraising efforts that would support a scholarship
fund. He hopes the scholarships can be used not only
to attract top students out of high school , but as a
support system to help TROY students who are doing
well but face unforeseen financial obstacles that might
otherwise keep them from completing a degree.
“During these financial times, in four years a
student’s support system can change dramatically,”
Williams said. “I want us to not only have scholarships
for the best and brightest at the beginning, but if a
student is doing well but struggling financially, we need
to be able to help that student and enable them to
become alumni.”
Williams is a 1969 graduate with a bachelor’s degree
in secondary education. He earned a master’s degree
in criminal justice from TROY in 1977. He was one
of the University’s first lifetime alumni association
members and has been an active member of the alumni
board for many years.
Williams said he would encourage all TROY
graduates to become active in the alumni association,
not only to maintain relationships with fellow Trojans,
but also to help support and sustain growth at TROY.
“Every time you invest in TROY, you are adding
value to your degree,” Williams said.
Williams lives in Troy and is a retired business
owner. He also serves as the Pike County Coroner, an
office he has held since 1985.
The Alumni Board of Directors also has welcomed
four new members – Huey Hoss Mack (1988, 1999), a
member of the Southwest Alabama Chapter; Freddie
Thomas (1988), a member of the Letterwinners “T”
Club; Bill Leverette (1987), president of the East
Alabama Chapter; and, Eric Mizell (1993), a member
of the Letterwinners “T” Club.
New alumni president Williams making scholarships a top priority
& T
Jerry Williams (69, 77)