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TROY, AL 36082
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Mobile, AL
Troy University’s robust Doctor of Nursing Practice program is
meeting the health care needs of Alabama even sooner than expected.
With more than 60 students currently enrolled, the DNP
program has graduated 25 students in its first three years.
Projections indicate there will be 43 graduates by the end of the
next academic year.
More than just a degree, the DNP at TROY addresses a critical
need in the state of Alabama’s healthcare system by providing
doctoral-level nursing, both for nurse educators and for
practitioners, ultimately benefitting the patients who need and
deserve highly skilled care.
DNP graduates work at the very cusp of the field and provide
leadership in research and new methods in nursing.
“It allows me not only to teach better, but be a better
practitioner,” said Kelli Cleveland, an assistant professor and
Bachelor of Science in Nursing coordinator on the Troy Campus
who was the University’s first DNP graduate.
“For me, the ability to innovate and contribute to the field of
nursing also lets me better serve the needs in our area,” she said.
Offered online by the College of Health and Human Services,
the DNP is a terminal degree that prepares the graduate to
provide the most advanced level of nursing care for individuals,
families and communities. It educates the advanced-specialty
nurse for expert practice in leadership and clinical roles in a
practice-focused program.
The degree is the University’s first such at the doctoral-level,
and the first eight graduates walked the stage in 2011. It was
approved by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education
in December 2007. The Southern Association of Colleges
and Schools reviewed the program and in 2011, awarded the
University a level change, permitting it to award up to three
doctoral degrees.