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Leaving a Legacy

Throughout the evolution of Troy University from Normal School to Teachers College and eventually to its current status as a major force in global education, many individuals have elevated the University to the level of family through their bequests – both large and small – through wills, life insurance policies or family trusts.

The University remains exceedingly grateful for these special contributions and is honored to be remembered in such a special and intimate manner. However, few of these donors gave the University the opportunity to know them personally or to know of their intentions during their lifetimes. With the chartering of the TROY Shield Society, the University Foundation offers an attractive remedy.

The TROY Shield Society represents a group of members who have informed the University that they have chosen to support the work of the Foundation through bequests, trusts or other deferred gifts. In gratitude for their generosity, the University bestows special consideration, including an annual induction ceremony and gala in their honor along with a specially designed ornamental Trojan Shield pin. The inaugural gala activities for Charter members is scheduled for January 30-31, 2009.

TROY asks that you take a moment to make known your intentions via telephone, email or letter if you desire to become a member of this distinguished group of patrons and philanthropists. Also, the University Foundation Web site will soon feature a section devoted to information about planned giving and the TROY Shield Society.

Individuals and families who have designated the University in their estate plans should inform TROY so that the University may recognize them as a member of this special group. In order to be inducted into the TROY Shield Society, honorees simply complete a standard letter of intent form and return it to the Office of Planned Giving of the Troy University Foundation. A specific minimum amount is required in order to become a member. Your generous contribution provides a legacy to help the University continue its pursuit of excellence in teaching, scholarship, and services by empowering future generations of outstanding students and future leaders.

To receive more information, along with a personalized illustration of the advantages afforded through planned gifts, contact Director of Planned Giving Ward Sullivan. Please keep in mind that gifts of this nature may be funded utilizing cash, appreciated securities, life insurances or real estate, and they are supported by the full resources of the Troy University Foundation to protect your assets while ensuring your philanthropic aspirations.

Time is of the essence if you or a loved one wish to become a FOUNDING MEMBER of the TROY Shield Society. The deadline for making a commitment is December 31, 2008.

To learn more about this opportunity to support Troy University for generations to come, please contact Director of Planned Ward Sullivan at: Troy University, 256 Adams Administration Building, Troy, AL 36082, 334-670-5879,

Troy Shield Society
Founding members as of August 18, 2008

Ashley Aaron
George Adair
Dorothy Adams*
Ralph W. Adams*
Tony and Traci Adkins
Sohail and Cissy Agboatwala
Hazel Riley Allen*
Chris J. Amos
Ben and Christie Armstrong
Selden and Frances Bailey
Steven Bedsole
Thomas B. Bedsole
Robert and Mildred Blount*
John R. Boothe, Jr.
James Marshall Bookout, Jr.
John Browning
Essie and Fitzhugh Carter*
Nick Cervera**
W.R. Chapman*
Carl Cole
Harold Collins**
Claudia Crosby*
Fred B. Davis**
James DeLoach
Steve and Lisa Dennis
Judson and Stacey Edwards
Rosemary Whigham Elebash
Millie H. Ezell*
Richard Federinko
Lynda Floyd**
Jimmy Gardner
Wanda Motes Gardner
David and Donna Gilliand
Betty Gissendanner
Fred and Sandi Gouge
Alan W. Graham
Nolan Hatcher**
Jack Hawkins, Jr.
Larry and Donna Hicks
Roni M. Holley
Adam Hopper
Bill Hopper
Debbie Hopper
Lindsay Hopper
Lew and Carol Baker Humphrey
Anne Woods Johnson*
Earl and Sylvia Johnson**
David and Jean Laliberte**
Betty K. Lott**
Lamona Lucas**
Melvin Lucas**
David G. and Melissa H. Marsh
Jane Middlebrooks Martin
Cameron J. Martindale-Stanton
Bette M. Melton*
Douglas L. Mims
William and Donna Minix**
Eric D. and Tiffaney Mizell
Charles and Kay Nailen
James O’Neal**
Marcus Paramore
Ed Parish, Jr.
Julius Pittman
Angela C. Roling, Ph.D.**
Hugh G. Rose*
Col. John W. Schmidt**
Lutrell Smith
Dixie Spivey*
Lewis Stone*
Ward S. Sullivan**
Greg L. and Beth H. Unger
Bryan M. Wallace
Jeanette Warchol
Linn and Meredith Welch**
Samuel and Jacqueline Whalum
Ray White
Ann Kelly Williams**
Julia and Simuel Wilson
Douglas S. and Marian T. Wynn

* Deceased
** Committee Member

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