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Weddings and engagements

Julie M. Taylor (1999) to Adam A. Ivory
Bradley R. Nelson (2001, 2002) to Molly Fernambucq
Trenton R Garman (2003) to Holly Lastovica
Landon C. Brazell (2005) to Keisha Walding
Jenna A. Donaldson (2006) to Jeremy Mack
Aledia S. Howell (2006) to Chris Birdsong
Randall D. Reed (2006) to Regina Giles
Dana E. Calvert (2007) to Luke Sanders
Jonathan Patrick Cobb (2007) to Amanda Janette McGhee
Rachel M. Spurlin (2007) to Brian Hooper
Alissa L. Cannon (2008) to Steve Riley
Kristina E. Hastings (2008) to Jacob Quincey
Caroline L. Jones (2008) to Evan Harvin
Ashley D. Sanders (2008) to Kevin Taylor
Jordan Marie Barnette (2009) to Paul Cox
Cara B. Hardy (2009) to Justin Barfield
Christyl J. Lawrence (2009) to Franklin T. Hines
Holly Moore (2009) to Clay Wilks
Erin E. Wood (2009) to Jared R. Sellers
Laura E. Waller (2009) to Chris House

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