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The 2012 season is one of
milestones for the Trojan
football program.
For the first time since
moving to the Football Bowl
Subdivision, TROY’s schedule
will include six home games,
including the first-ever visits to
Veterans Memorial Stadium by a
Southeastern Conference team,
Mississippi State, and a service
academy, Navy.
The Nov. 10 visit from Navy
will take on special significance
as the University celebrates its
annual “Salute to Veterans”
game. Since 2000, the University
has designated one home
football game in November to
honor both current and past
members of the armed forces as
a Veterans Day tribute.
This year’s game takes on the
added significance of falling
on the birthday of the Marine
Corps, and several special
events are being planned to
commemorate the day, including
a birthday cake-cutting ceremony
prior to the game.
In addition, special dignitaries
and representatives of the
Wounded Warriors will take
part in the pre-game coin toss.
A special halftime tribute by the
Sound of the South marching
band will also be a part of the
day’s festivities. The service
songs for each branch of the
military will be performed and all
veterans, active duty and reserves
and their family members will be
recognized as they parade across
the field during the performance
of their service song.
Attendees to the game will also
have opportunities to contribute
to the TROY for Troops
Scholarship, a program launched
last year that provides support to
the dependents of U.S. military
members killed in the line of
Milestones to include
memorable match up
with Naval Academy
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