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• Ricky Krause: “You
know I still remember
the 20-9 win TROY laid
on the Bulldogs [Oct.
13, 2001 in Starkville]. I
think I’m gonna make
that game.”
• David Marsh:
“Whupping MSU
in TROY.”
• John McClung: “We
need more cowbells
for Mississippi State.”
We asked our Troy University Facebook fans what
they were most looking forward to about the
upcoming 2012 football season.
Several comments were directed at Mississippi State’s
visit to Veterans Memorial Stadium on Sept. 15.
Still other comments were directed at the fan-
friendly schedule, which includes six homes
games and easily-accessible road games.
Kevin Duplantis also commented that he is
looking forward to: “A 13-0 season.” We’re with
you, Kevin. Go Trojans!
• Travis Adams:
“I’m excited. Six
home games and
the away games
are in good
driving distance.”
• Randy Ross: “Look
forward to the entire
season. Six home
games, two more
games in state and the
Tennessee road game.”
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