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TROY Magazine
More than 200 years ago, Benjamin Franklin summed
up the essence of servant leadership: “He that cannot
obey cannot command.” No Alabamian has served
as a role model of servant leadership quite like Terry
Everett. South Alabama has benefitted from the
wisdom and leadership of Mr. Everett for more than
three decades as a newspaper publisher, businessman,
and member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
In the halls of Congress, Rep. Everett built a solid
reputation as a competent leader who served his
constituents well while becoming an expert on issues
that are crucial to our nation: intelligence, agriculture,
armed services, and veterans affairs. On Friday,
Nov. 22, Troy University honored this outstanding
leader with the formal dedication of R. Terry Everett
Hall on our Dothan Campus. This issue of the
Troy University Magazine includes a report on that
celebration of a remarkable gentleman. Terry Everett
has lived the words of Ben Franklin and the Wiregrass
is better off for having chosen him for service. Troy
University is proud to honor a man who has given so
This issue also contains coverage of a new book
that must be included in every Trojan’s library. Dr.
Doug Hawkins, who has served on our Board of
Trustees for more than 30 years, has written “Turning
Points,” a history of Troy University. Part memoir
and part history, “Turning Points” highlights some of
the seminal moments in the life of our University. I
recommend it to you highly.
In this issue we recognize in our honor roll of
donors, those generous Trojans who give back to their
University. This is one way we say thanks to our most
loyal supporters and we hope it will inspire alumni to
support their University financially. We are working
hard every day to improve the value of your degree,
but it takes resources to build a great university,
especially in an era of declining public support. Just
four years ago, for example, our annual appropriation
from the State of Alabama topped $65 million.
Today, that figure is around $45 million. If your name
is found among these pages, thank you again for
supporting Troy University.
We strive to have an international impact at
TROY and this issue shines the spotlight on our
new collaborative partnership with the Republic of
Georgia, a former republic of the Soviet Union. As
a developing independent nation, the Republic of
Georgia can benefit greatly from the latest research
in international affairs and public administration.
We received a grant from the U.S. Department of
State to help develop a master’s degree program in
international development at Georgia’s universities.
This project fits well with our international focus and
should establish excellent opportunities for student and
faculty exchanges.
We also feature a report on Troy University alumna
Kim Wyman, who was elected in 2012 as the State
of Washington’s 15th Secretary of State. Our alumni
are achieving in all walks of life and we congratulate
Secretary Wyman for her devotion to public service.
Please let us hear from you so that we may include you
in a future edition of our magazine.
Jack Hawkins, Jr., Ph.D.