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international flavor
While college students traditionally fock
to beaches during summer break, many
Troy University students spend their time
globe-trotting, thanks to the University’s
Study Abroad Program.
Study Abroad – not only a formal
University program but a challenge
from its Chancellor, Dr. Jack Hawkins,
Jr. – allows students to earn credit while
experiencing other cultures, a hallmark of
TROY’s international focus.
This year TROY students have partici-
pated in 10 trips with 10 faculty leaders
spanning the globe from Central America
to Asia, said Dr. Orlando Pacheco, Direc-
tor of Study Abroad.
Dr. James Sherry, an associate professor
of French and coordinator of modern
languages, led a 10-student, two-week
trip through France, visiting places of
historical signifcance. A University
pioneer in study abroad, he’s led similar
groups to the region since 1984.
Dr. Dan Puckett, assistant professor of
history on the Montgomery Campus,
led a group of TROY students through
Western Europe focusing on government
and politics.This trip provided an oppor-
tunity to see frsthand how the history
and governmental relations of Great
Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium and
France have shaped those societies. For
this group of students, the International
Criminal Cour t and houses of Parlia-
ment became their classrooms while
experiencing other countries’ political
“Study abroad with Troy University has
been an amazing opportunity for me and
I am so grateful I was able to go on this
trip,” said MaryWright, a junior human
services major from Huntsville. She
attended the trip as part of a political
science course on the Troy Campus.
“I defnitely recommend study abroad to
provide a wider perspective. I saw, for the
frst time, how different Europe is from
the United States politically, culturally and
socially,” she said.
That revelation strikes at the core of
what Chancellor Hawkins hopes his
students gain from the Study Abroad
Program.“I really think that it’s so
impor tant for students to understand
the global community, and it takes more
than just reading about that community.
It takes experiencing that community,”
Chancellor Hawkins said. “It has been
a remarkable experience to see these
students go away, many of whom have
by Haley Gibson