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No. 12
A three-story brick building was erected as a dormitory for girls in 1915 at a cost of $50,000. The school at the time
consisted of the main building, the library, the manual arts building and the dormitory, along with four undeveloped lots purchased
across the street to the east of the original site. All together, the estimated value of all buildings and property at that time was $150,000.
No. 13
In 1917, the
Board of Trustees adopted an all-the-year
school session, which allowed for sum-
mer classes to be taught to enable those
currently teaching to attend school over
the summer “when they are usually not
No. 14
A unit of the Student Army Training Corps was
formed at TROY in 1918 with 110 men.
No. 15
The 1919 edition of the Pal-
ladium was dedicated to former students who perished
during World War I. The dedication read to those who
“have given their lives for human liberty on the felds
of Europe…all alike entitled to the admiration and
gratitude of the world.”
No. 16
The frst record of a
student government organization was fall
1919. It was frst met with skepticism,
but as noted in the 1923 edition of the
Palladium, the move did much for student
morale and was eventually met with
enthusiastic approval from the faculty
No. 17
In 1921,
TROY embarked on a new
enterprise, equipping a farm for
the double purpose of producing
dairy products and vegetables and
as a means for utilizing waste from
its dormitories.
No. 18
Approximately 270 acres of land in the southeastern part of
the city, generally known as the Judge Hilliard Place, was purchased in 1922 as
the site for the “new campus.”
No. 19
In 1929, the
institution’s charter is changed and it is
renamed Troy State Teachers College.
Also during that year, ground is broken
for the construction of Bibb Graves Hall.
No. 20
Providing students with the
latest technology to assist them in their
education is a priority at TROY, but this
isn’t just a recent development. When
Bibb Graves Hall was constructed in
1929 every classroom in the building was
wired for the use of radios.
No. 21
The Tropolitan, TROY’s
offcial student newspaper, was
founded in 1931.