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No. 90
In 1958, the TROY Collegiate Singers appear on a nationwide Christmas radio program aired by the Mutual Broadcasting Company.
No. 91
In 1965, The Sound
of the South marching band begins,
under the direction of Dr. John M. Long,
with 35 members.
No. 92
TROY’s “Sound of the South”
marching band performed in the 1969 inaugural
parade of President Richard M. Nixon.
No. 93
In 1970, the
“Sound of the South”
performed at the All Pro
Bowl in Los Angeles.
No. 94
TROY’s Theatre Department forms the popular touring troupe, “The Pied
Pipers,” in 1970.
No. 95
The Adams Center Performing Arts
Theatre opened in 1990 with the produc-
tion of “Brighton Beach Memoirs.”
No. 96
In 1995, legendary band director Dr. John M.
Long leads the “Sound of the South” for his fnal homecoming game.
In December of that year, the School of Music is named in his honor.
No. 97
In 2000, The
Collegiate Singers performed at
Carnegie Hall in New York at the
premier of Jonathan Willcocks’
“Lux Perpetua.”
No. 98
The TROY Dance Repertory Ensemble
performs in The Great Hall in Beijing
as part of the celebration of the Sino-
American 1-2-1 Dual Degree Program’s
10th anniversary in 2010.
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