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(above) Left to right: Amy Roe, secretary/treasurer; John Browning,
past president; Coach Larry Blakeney; and Britton Bonner, president.
(left) TROY footbal l Coach Larry Blakeney gives
members of the Southwest Alabama and Baldwin Count y
alumni chapters a preview of the 2011 footbal l season.
Alabama, Baldwin
chapters sponsor
kickoff event
The Southwest Alabama
and Baldwin County alumni
chapters held a Kickoff
Classic event on July 28 at
the Blue Gill Restaurant in
Spanish Fort.
Trojan football Coach Larry
Blakeney was the special guest
speaker for the event.
The Southwest Chapter
introduced new offcers
during the event. Britton
Bonner is the new president
of the chapter, while Amy
Roe will continue in her role
as secretary/treasurer. John
Browning is the chapter’s past
It was also announced that
the chapter is organizing a
bus trip to attend the TROY
Homecoming game on Nov.
12. New chapter member
Leisha Jenkins is coordinating
the trip.
(above) Left to Right Frank Modarl l i Executive Director
of, TROY footbal l Coach Larry Blakeney
and Nathaniel Patterson