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Long featured in
CBS News piece
Dr. John M. Long, Director
of Bands Emeritus at Troy
University, was the subject
of a feature piece for CBS
Evening News on July 1.
After receiving an email
about the impact Long has
had on so many through the
years, CBS reporter Steve
Hartman and a flm crew
visited the Troy Campus for
a rehearsal of the Southeast
Alabama Community Band,
as well as the group’s spring
The story, which appeared
as a segment on the news
program’s “Assignment:
America” feature, highlighted
the community band’s mem-
bers many of whom are
Long’s former students who
drive from as far away as
Atlanta for weekly rehearsals
during concert season.
Hartman said that devotion
sparked the network’s interest
in the legendary band director.
During his visit, Hartman
interviewed members of the
community band about Dr.
Long’s legacy and the impact
the legendary band director
has had on their lives. Some
recurring themes emerged
from those interviews: father
fgure, teacher, mentor and
genuine, caring person.
Long served as director
of TROY’s “Sound of the
South” marching band from
1965 to 1995. Two buildings
on the Troy Campus bear
his name – John Maloy
Long Hall, which houses the
University’s Music Depart-
ment, and the Hawkins-
Adams-Long Hall of Honor,
which is home to the National
Band Association’s Hall of
Fame of Distinguished Band
View the segment at:
(top) Dr. John M. Long served as director of TROY’s “Sound of the
South” marching band from 1965 to 1995.
(inset) A crew from CBS news captures footage of a rehearsal of Dr. Long’s
Southeast Alabama Community Band, which is comprised of many of the band
director’s former students.