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Protecting families - Hawkins, other TROY alumni play vital roles in Alabama Attorney General’s Office

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Alabama Attorney General and Troy University Alumnus Troy King has made protecting Alabama families a priority since taking office in 2004, and another TROY graduate is helping to lead that charge.

King, a 1990 TROY graduate, established the Family Protection Unit shortly after taking office to serve as a clearinghouse for crime and prevention issues affecting Alabama families and as a presence to pursue and prosecute those who take advantage of the state’s most vulnerable citizens. Kelly Hawkins, a 2002 graduate, has led that unit for the last two years.

“Alabama’s families are victimized daily by cowardly, immoral individuals who choose to prey on the weakest among us,” Attorney General King said. “Through the Family Protection Unit, we do everything within our power to make Alabama’s families safer and more secure.”

The Family Protection Unit consists of four fundamental components: Child Abuse and Exploitation, Elder Abuse and Exploitation, Consumer Protection and Welfare Fraud.

Hawkins, who earned her law degree from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, has always taken special interest in children’s advocacy. While in law school, she returned to Alabama two summers to work with AG King and to gain experience in the area of child protection law. In 2001, she was instrumental in the passing of the Alabama law which makes clergy mandatory reporters of child abuse. The sponsor of that legislation was TROY graduate Rep. Alan Boothe.

“I love children, and I recognize there is a growing epidemic of child abuse in this country,” Hawkins said. “This is the reason I went to law school. I wanted to use my law school education to help protect the children of Alabama.”

Hawkins said it is important to talk about child protection issues, but more action must be taken.

“We must continue to make people aware of the problem of child abuse, but we must also continue to take action to prevent,” Hawkins said. “Many public servants will talk about children as our future when they are seeking office, but then once elected, fail to back up their words with action. General King has not just played lip service to this issue. He took action to establish the family protection unit and empowered me to lead in this effort. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity because I feel so passionately about the issue.”

In addition to King and Hawkins, 13 other TROY graduates work in various capacities within the Attorney General’s office.

• Chris Bence serves as chief of staff.

• Ralph Conner serves as an investigator.

• Patricia Davis serves as an administrative support assistant for the Medicaid Fraud Unit. 

• Elizabeth Fuller serves as a nurse analyst for the Medicaid Fraud Unit. 

• J.W. Godwin serves as chief executive assistant to the Attorney General.

• Janette Grantham serves as victim service officer for the Victims Assistance Division. In 2008, Grantham was selected as Alabama’s Victim Service Office of the Year.

• Ashley Farmer-Harbin serves as executive scheduler for the Attorney General and the Executive Division.

• Richard Keeshan serves as audit manager for the Medicaid Fraud Unit. 

• Tim Kornegay serves as an investigator for the Medicaid Fraud Unit. 

• Danny McKinley serves as law enforcement coordinator and is a liaison between city, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. 

• Steve Pinckard serves as an investigator for the Consumer Protection Unit.

• Janet Singleton serves as a legal assistant for the Administrative Hearings Division. 

• Doris Hancock serves as a victim service officer for the Victims Assistance Division.
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