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When Dr. Michael Green thinks of Troy
University, one word comes to mind.
“Home is how I would describe TROY,”
Dr. Green said. “For me, it represents
comfort, relaxation.”
Green’s journey to his Troy “home”
began in his native England. Fifteen
years ago, TROY offered Green the
opportunity to run intercollegiate track
and cross country for the Trojans. He
thought he would stay in Troy a year.
It didn’t work out that way. With the
exception of four years spent earning his
Ph.D., Green has stayed close to Troy.
Since 2008, Green has worked as an
assistant professor in the department of
kinesiology and health promotion on
the Troy Campus, focusing his research
and teaching efforts on endurance
performance, exercise-induced muscle
injury and carbohydrate metabolism.
Green’s success in the classroom began
with his success in running, a passion that
surfaced at the age of 8.
Green has since competed in 582
races at the local, regional and national
levels. Of these races, 234 of them have
resulted in wins for the runner. Among
his countless notable achievements are
representing his native Great Britain
and England in in various marathons,
consistently ranking in the top 10 in
his native country in the half marathon
and marathon annual rankings and
finishing 19th overall in the 2004 London
Marathon, one of the biggest running
events in the world.
During his time as a TROY student-
athlete, Green accumulated nine
individual victories in track and cross
country and set the University’s existing
3,000 meters record at 8.10.06, a time he
has yet to personally beat since.
But Green was not born a great runner.
“That’s one thing I love about running,”
Green said. “Anyone can become a better
runner. Obviously, I didn’t win my first
few races, but I made note of those who
did and realized if I persevered, I could
eventually beat them. That’s a quality I’ve
carried into everything else, and I think
others should, too. Through this mindset,
running really helped me in my academics.
In school, if I didn’t completely grasp
the material on the first day, I knew that
I could go home, study and eventually
succeed in the class.”
And Green’s academic success resulted
in both a bachelor’s degree (2000) and
master’s degree (2002) in sport and fitness
management from TROY and a doctorate
in 2008 in sport science from Georgia
State University.
“I couldn’t have asked for better
professors than the ones at TROY,
both in my general studies and in my
major,” Green said. “Their advice and
encouragement led me to where I am
today. When it came to deciding whether
to get my doctorate, the things they said
to me were that final push. They definitely
changed my career and my life.”
Professors of notable significance to
Green were Dr. Lance Tatum, now vice
chancellor of TROY’s Global Campus,
Dr. Don Jeffrey, now vice chancellor
of the Dothan Campus, and Dr. Edith
Smith, now retired, who provided him
with not only advice and encouragement
but also a “top-notch education.”
And it was Green’s love for his alma
mater that brought him back home.
Apart from a full-time job as an assistant
professor and what he considers a part-
time job as a runner, Green is husband
toTROY alumna Susan Green and father
to their 16-month-old daughter, Emlyn.
Luker, a senior print journalism major from Kellyton, is a
student writer in the Office of University Relations.