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TROY Magazine
Teaching students the importance of staying connected
with their University is the goal of a new Alumni initiative.
The Student Alumni Association, begun July 2010, carves
out a place for any student to find involvement.
“Everyone can’t play football. Everyone can’t be in a
fraternity or sorority,” said Alumni Affairs Director Faith West
Ward. “But everyone can join the SAA.”
Ward, new Membership Coordinator Erik Groat and SAA
President Carlie Spencer are looking to take the organization
to new levels this year.
“We want to see SAA grow. The more rewarding it is for
the student, the more beneficial it will be for our office, and
once the students graduate, they will be able to better tell the
TROY story,” Ward said.
Spencer, a sophomore math major from Montgomery who
is also president of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, said she
believes SAA to be one of the best organizations a student
could join.
“I think as organizations go, the SAA is one of the best
overall that a student can join because all you do is profit from
membership,” she said.
The membership fee of $25 covers the student
membership into the Alumni Association, provides a special
t-shirt, a subscription to the alumni magazine and access to
free tailgates. The intangibles may be even more important,
Groat said.
“One big benefit for students is the ability to connect and
network with alumni from all over states who have established
businesses and careers. Students never know where those
relationships may take them after graduation,” he said.
Another benefit, said Spencer, is the chance to build a
strong sense of Trojan pride within the student body.
Groat echoes the sentiment: “We want students to learn
the value of what it means to be affiliated with their university
in such a way. Building that tradition within the student
body is our main goal with the Student Alumni Association.
Students who connect now are more likely to remain
connected with TROY after they graduate.”
The Student Alumni Association is already gearing up
for a busy year ahead, including recruiting tables set up
during IMPACT new student orientation browse sessions.
In addition, the group plans to host a tailgating event
during Welcome Week, as well as an event for all campus
The association’s executive board has been preparing the
group for success by drafting a new constitution, holding
discussions to create a community service branch, new
scholarships for members, and working to set in play a new
Trojan Torch competition for football season.
- Gerald Baxter,
senior broadcast journalism student from Dothan
Student Alumni Association aims to build lasting connections
Carlie Spencer, SAA President & Morris Turner Vice President for Special Events
TROY Magazine
SAA officer Morris Turner talks about the association with entering freshmen
LaDarius Martin of Tuskegee and Zachery Dell of Norman Park, Ga.
Troy University’s John M. Long School of Music has launched
a major fundraising effort to become an All-Steinway School.
“Since 1853, Steinway and Sons pianos have set an
uncompromising standard for sound, touch, beauty and investment
value,” said Dr. Larry Blocher, director of the Long School.
The goal for TROY University is to acquire 34 Steinway pianos, which
will cost approximately $1.6 million. To become an All-Steinway School, 90
percent of the institution’s pianos must be Steinways or Steinway designed.
The average age of the pianos in the School of Music is 25 years old, with
more than half of the piano inventory between 35-50 years old. The expected
life of most of these instruments is 25 years. The expected life of a Steinway
piano is 100 years.
“Becoming an All-Steinway School will enable Troy University to be more competitive in
recruiting new students including international students. Steinways are the ‘Cadillacs’ of pianos,” he said. “Our students spend
thousands of hours on the piano, and it’s of the utmost importance that our students have the chance to play and learn on the best
quality instruments possible.”
Currently, there are only 160 All-Steinway Schools among the nation’s 4,600 universities and colleges offering music degree
programs. TROY will join the top 4 percent of all universities when it achieves the designation.
Launched late last fall, the initiative has garnered support from alumni and friends through a series of events designed to
showcase the unique qualities Steinway pianos offer students. For more information about the initiative, contact the School of Music
at 334-670-3322 or the Office of Development at 334-670-3608.
- Chynna McKillion,
Senior print jounalism student from Bay Minette
All Steinway
Steinway Initiative seeks
to build quality
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