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TROY Magazine
TROY Magazine
Troy University officials, together with City of
Troy and Mauna Loa Helicopters, in May announced
the establishment of a program aimed at training
commercial aviators at N. Kenneth Campbell Field.
The program, that will allow students at the University
to earn a minor in aviation operations with either fixed-
wing or rotary-wing tracts, will begin in fall 2014.
“We are excited to bring into creation the first
academic program at TROY that is designed to train
pilots, although our roots in aviation – particularly
military aviation – are deep,” said Chancellor Dr. Jack
Hawkins Jr. “Southeast Alabama, with Fort Rucker,
Sikorsky, Lockheed Martin and the aviation program
at Enterprise-Ozark Community College, is the hub
of Alabama aviation. I am proud that TROY – with
this partnership – will play a role in continuing this
“Troy University is now poised to be an integral part
of south Alabama’s emerging aviation corridor spurred
by Airbus in Mobile,” he said.
The minor is part of the Bachelor of Applied Science
in Resource Management and Technology, housed in the
Department of Chemistry and Physics. Students can opt
for an associate degree program or the four-year BAS
In addition, the University and the Pike County Board
of Education are creating a dual-degree program that
will be the first of its kind in the nation. In fall 2014,
five high school juniors will enter the associate degree
program, and two years later will graduate with a high
school diploma, an associate degree and a private pilot’s
At the University level, students enrolled in the minor
in aviation operations may choose the helicopter flight-
training emphasis or airplane flight-training emphasis
in which they will have the opportunity to obtain a
Private Pilot Certification Licensure and a Commercial
Pilot Certification Licensure. Students may also choose
to pursue an introduction to Unmanned Aerial (Aircraft)
Systems (UAS).
- Clif Lusk
Trojan Skies:
Aviation Corridor
Lands at TROY
• Announcing the creation of Troy University’s first pilot training program... created in partnership with Mauna Loa
Helicopters are, from left to right, N. Kenneth Campbell, Troy Mayor Jason Reeves, Chancellor Jack Hawkins Jr., Mauna
Loa Helicopters President Ben Fouts, and Mauna Loa consultant Kim McCabe.
• The Diamond Aircraft DA42 Twin Star is one of three fixed-wing training aircraft that will be utilized by Trojan Aviation.
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