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TROY celebrates third commencement in Malaysia

Troy University officials, led by Chancellor Jack Hawkins, Jr., visited several Asian nations in May to explore new educational opportunities and review existing partnerships.

Dr. Earl Ingram, vice chancellor of Global Campus, the division that operates all Troy University programs and teaching sites located outside of Alabama at no taxpayer expense, said the trip included stops in Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Azerbaijan.

A highlight of the trip was the University’s third commencement ceremony at TROY’s teaching site in Malacca, Malaysia, operated in conjunction with Putra International College. Chancellor Hawkins served as the commencement keynote speaker. Malaysia’s Minister of Higher Education Mohammed Khaled bin Nordin, also attended the ceremony.

In his remarks to graduates, Dr. Hawkins told graduates they live in a rapidly changing world.

“How many of us would have thought 40 years ago that one day an American university would hold a graduation ceremony in Malaysia? We live in a changing world,” Dr. Hawkins said. “And I predict the graduates we honor at this ceremony will see changes in their lifetimes that would stretch the limits of our imaginations today.”

Dr. Hawkins told graduates that the ceremony they were celebrated was an ending but also a beginning.

“In the United States, we call graduation ceremonies ‘commencement.’  Commencement means ‘beginning.’ Graduation is not an end, but a beginning of a new journey. I believe it will be an exciting journey for each of our graduates. One day soon, you will assume positions of leadership and responsibility in your communities,” the Chancellor said.

Dr. Hawkins stressed to graduates the importance of living lives of integrity and honor.

“A true leader must lead a life of honor,” Dr. Hawkins said. “Your dignity, your reputation, your good name are precious possessions.”

Thirty-six students graduated during the ceremony, all receiving bachelor’s degrees in business administration.

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