U.S. Air Force AU - ABC Program at TROY

Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative

Air University

The Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) was designed to provide bachelor degree opportunities for enlisted Airmen. The cooperative focuses on advanced education as a means of enhancing force development while maximizing tuition assistance benefits and minimizing costs.  In order to realize these objectives, the Air Force has partnered with military friendly civilian institutions willing to maximize credit earned through the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree awarded by the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF). Additionally, institutions participating in the partnership provide distance learning and bachelor degree opportunities that are accessed through the Air Force portal.

As an institution with a long history of serving the US Air Force, Troy University is proud to be a partner in this initiative.

Airmen currently completing their CCAF degree are encouraged to contact Troy University as early in their programs of study as possible so as to insure maximum award of transfer credit for courses completed at CCAF.

Online Student Support Services and Resources

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How to Apply

Visit online.troy.edu  and scroll down to How to Apply?


Tuition for active duty airmen and reservists is $250 per credit hour for programs included in the AU-ABC Partnership.  For those using tuition assistance (TA), there is no out of pocket tuition cost.

AU-ABC Program Options at TROY

The 8 Troy University bachelor degree programs listed below are included in the program.  Click on the degree program title to learn how your CCAF degree blends into a Bachelor of Science degree from TROY.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Resource and Technology Management
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Science in Human Services
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management – Concentration in Sport Management
Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education
Bachelor of Science in Political Science
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Bachelor of Science in Social Science

For questions, details and further information about the AU-ABC program, please feel free to contact jhoughton@troy.edu.

For airmen interested in other programs, please review the full range of program offerings available through TROY Online.
For information regarding tuition rates and the Military and Family Scholarship Program for airmen and women not considering the AU ABC options above, please visit http://www.troy.edu/scholarships/undergraduate/etroy-scholarships.html

For complete details on the University programs including course descriptions, academic policies, etc. please refer to the Troy University catalog at http://www.troy.edu/catalogs/undergraduate/  

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