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Frequently Asked Questions

Troy University, in accordance with the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), seeks to assure the highest levels of confidentiality regarding student records and information. Student information will not be disclosed to a third party without the written consent of the student, unless directed by law. As a student, you are eligible to designate a parent, guardian, or spouse to whom appropriate information can be released. Please fax the attached Student Consent Form to 334.670.5679 to either designate a third party or refuse access to third parties. Please see the following link to access the consent form.

Find the Student Consent Form at:

Yes. Requesting this transcript is free, and we urge you to request an updated "Official transcript" to be sent to the Troy University address at least once a year or after you complete training courses. This will ensure that you are given the maximum amount of military credit possible.

We are only able to consider transcripts mailed directly from the issuing institution as official. Copies mailed from the student, faxed or electronically generated copies, or copies stamped "Issued to Student" are not considered official. TROY also accepts electronic transcripts to Transcripts received via ANY other email address will not be accepted.

You will need to request all Official transcripts through the Troy University website at by selecting "Order Official Transcripts." Transcripts are processed through the Troy Campus in Troy, Alabama. No off-site campus or location will be able to provide you with an Official transcript. There is a $10 fee when requesting an Official Transcript.

Troy Online is committed to providing high-quality distance learning programs for its students. Proctored exams maintain academic integrity and ensure fairness. In addition to preventing dishonesty in exam-taking, a proctored exam is a good way to verify that the student is the one doing the course work--something the federal government requires distance learning programs like Troy Online to demonstrate.

Depending on your current degree or course requirements, it is possible that you will have a Proctored Exam. Eventually, all online courses will have at least one proctored exam. This decision is made by your instructor and will be noted in the course details when you enroll.

You will need to refer to your Program Evaluation by logging into Trojan Web Express via: You may also refer to your Student Agreement if you are eligible for a SOC (Servicemembers' Opportunity College) contract. These documents will be complete once your Official transcripts have been received and evaluated. These documents will show the courses that transferred from previous schools, how the credits were applied to your degree, and your remaining degree requirements

Undergraduate –

  • Proficiency Profile – This exam is required after reaching 60 hours or more, which is considered "Junior Status". All transfer credit is included in this total. Students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program must complete the Proficiency Profile exam prior to obtaining their degree. The Proficiency Profile exam is not graded at this time but is required as part of the graduation process. The GECE was replaced by the Proficiency Profile. The required Proficiency Profile exit exam covers your basic first 2 years of college.
  • MFAT – This exam is required with CJ 4499, MGT 4476, or PSY 4480, as these are Capstone classes. This exam covers your concentration/area of study. You will need to contact your instructor for any minimum test score required to pass the MFAT exam. If you are not in or registered for a capstone course you will not be permitted to register for the MFAT exam.

Graduate –

  • Comprehensive Exam – Please contact your faculty advisor or view the catalog to see if your program requires a Comprehensive Exam

The SOC (Servicemembers Opportunity College) Student Agreement is an official document that represents your degree plan at the time of your initial evaluation. Although it is a static document that does not update from term to term, it can be used as a degree-progress checklist because the courses that make up your degree plan are listed in the Student Agreement.

Your Student Agreement will be submitted when you have satisfied all admission requirements and when the transcripts from all colleges that you previously attended have been evaluated. After the Student Agreement is submitted, it becomes an official document.

It is suggested that you register for TROY 1103 Study Skills. The primary purpose of this 1 semester hour course is to teach students the skills needed to succeed in college. Structured for freshmen and sophomores, the skills taught will also benefit returning adult learners and any student having academic difficulties.

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