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Miller Analogies Test

  • The Miller Analogies Test is a high-level mental ability test requiring the solution of problems stated as analogies.
  • Research by psychologists on human intelligence and reasoning has found performance on analogies to represent one of the best measures of verbal comprehension and analytical thinking.
  • Performance on the MAT is designed to reflect candidates' analytical thinking, an ability that is critical for success in both graduate school and professional life.
  • Through analogies with content from various academic subjects, MAT scores help graduate schools identify candidates whose knowledge and abilities go beyond mere memorizing and repeating information.
  • The analytical skills measured by the MAT are key to success in graduate school and are highly valued by graduate programs.
  • For more than 50 years, the MAT has proven to be a reliable and valid test for assessing candidates for graduate school.
  • Predictive validity studies conducted by Pearson and by independent researchers have shown positive correlations between MAT scores and subsequent success in graduate programs.

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Proficiency Profile

  • The Proficiency Profile test is a requirement for graduation.
  • This test assesses four core skill areas:
    • critical thinking
    • reading
    • writing
    • mathematics
  • The Proficiency Profile is composed by Educational Testing Services of Princeton, NJ and is a nationally normed test.

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Placement Testing

Placement tests are required for students who do not have an ACT score of 23 or higher in Math or at least 20 in English. Placement tests must be taken before a student can register for Math or English. Tests are administered on a space available basis in Whitley Hall, Room 500 and no appointment needed.

ACT Residual Testing

The Act Residual test score is valid only for TROY sites. Prior to being administered, students must have applied, been admitted, or be enrolled at Troy University. Students must call the Testing Center at (334) 241-9530 or come by (Whitley Hall, Room 500) to schedule the ACT test. The fee to take the test is $50.00 and must be paid in the Student Financial Service office (Whitley Hall, Room 217) prior to testing. Please bring your receipt to the Testing Center. To view sample questions, visit (

ACT Residual Test Times

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