Graduate Certificate in Government Contracting

The graduate certificate program targets public and private sector professionals who want to strengthen their skills in managing government contracts and develop a more thorough understanding of the contracting process. This includes individuals who work, or desire to work, with government contracts whether at the federal, state, or local levels. Although the courses focus on the processes of forming and managing federal government contracts, other governmental entities use the federal rules as a guide. Because of the large number of transactions between levels of government, as well as government’s extensive reliance on private companies to provide goods and services, many aspiring public service professionals will benefit from a substantive knowledge of government contracting. Likewise, professionals working for companies competing for government contracts, or managing existing government contracts, need to know how they can help their companies succeed.

Graduate Certificate in Government Contracting Requirements


Frequently Asked Questions

The MPA degree requires nine core courses and three concentration courses. While all of the courses will transfer, they will not substitute for the core courses. The nine core courses still must be taken.

While all transfer credit will be reviewed and approved by the Dean of the Graduate School, transfer courses can be applied to the certificate program.

No. A student must apply for and take the professional certification exams. While the Certificate Program contains the “body of knowledge” required to pass the certificate exam, there are also experience requirements that are part of the professional certification qualifications.

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