Why Choose Troy University for an MPA Degree?

Troy’s MPA program is widely recognized and accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) . Troy, ranked one of the top five online MPA programs by GetEducated.com, is the forerunner in providing MPA courses in many venues, anytime, anywhere online and in the classroom. At Troy, MPA students are not just a number; graduate classes are kept small and personal. The faculty is comprised of Ph.D.s who have real-world experience in their field. Students receive both faculty and on-site guidance, real-time online instructor contact, and can choose from quality traditional in-class, online or hybrid courses. It is both a practitioner’s professional degree as well as an academic degree that can bring students one-step closer to a doctoral degree. This affordable program offers both onsite and online classes to lead to the successful completion of a Masters in Public Administration. This convenient MPA program can move with you to another state or be accessed when you are out of town—Anytime, Anywhere…TROY is there!

Just retired or thinking of retiring?

Returning to work after retiring from one job and having to decide on choosing another career can be confusing. Troy’s MPA program provides an outstanding opportunity to learn about a variety of possible career choices while receiving your Masters degree. No need to feel out of place due to your experience and age; a majority of Troy’s MPA students have several years of experience in their careers. There has never been a better time to return to school and work with other students that have similar interests and a level of experience that matches your own. Communications with other students can lead to further ideas for jobs and possible job connections through student networks. Give Troy the opportunity to help lay a new path to your next career in public service.

Looking for a career change?

In today's economy, no one can be too confident in keeping their present job or advancing in their chosen career field. Achieving your educational goals will enhance your resume and your career prospects. Thinking ahead and planning for the future by obtaining a Troy MPA degree will place you in the right position and at the right time to make that career change. Wouldn’t you want to be that competitive higher-educated job applicant that gets the job? An MPA degree will make you a contender for that next job and help you transition easily into your next public sector career.

Seeking a career change in government?

Sometimes it is unavoidable to plateau in your career path. For this reason, switching to new career fields may never have crossed your mind until now. Are you prepared to compete with other job seekers; do you have anything in your resume that will separate you from your competition? These questions may lead you to look at an MPA program. Career choices in the public sector are competitive, so an edge is what you need over the other applicants. A Troy MPA may be the very thing required or recommended as a qualification for your next job.

Looking to be competitive for your next promotion opportunity?

Many Troy MPA students have realized that their coworkers and employees are working on graduate degrees and quickly moving ahead in their organizations. Experience alone will not prepare you for the next promotion as job promotions become more competitive. If are waiting for the right time but seeing others obtaining their degrees, you may realize that you need to move quickly. The time is now. Troy MPA students can take their courses online and work in the evenings while easily contacting their very accessible instructors if they need additional assistance. Accessing instantly the materials they need on a user-friendly website-type classroom program (Canvas) allows students to continue their contact with the course even when on business trips. Some of our students have taken their classes to the furthest remote areas of the world and continued their classes without interruption. This is Troy being there, anytime and anywhere!

I have a GI bill or a company education benefit I want to use, why an MPA at Troy?

These are not benefits until you actually start to use them. A graduate MPA degree at Troy is a perfect way to make use of these benefits while broadening your opportunities to compete for jobs and positions in both the public and private sectors. Not only will you be attractive to public organizations, but you will also provide the private sector with a job candidate that has a professional degree that demonstrates they understand the mechanics of government. Private employers are touched by government daily through laws, regulating agencies, and political elements are interested in MPA degreed applicants that have both work experience and academic knowledge of civic organizations. Troy MPA students can choose from concentrations to build further expertise in the following areas: Public management, non-profit management, healthcare administration, government contracting, public human resource management, environmental management, justice administration, national security affairs, and education. Use your benefits to make your future less uncertain; Troy’s MPA Program is prepared to help you build a successful future.

I want a certified public administration graduate program with choices and with instructors that know my name and don’t have complicated online computer programs supporting their courses.

Troy MPA students experience a graduate program with a personal touch in an uncomplicated online setting. No one wants to be a number in a classroom, nor does anyone wish to spend hours trying to learn how to access the online course program. Our MPA program provides small classroom sizes resulting in instructors that know the names of their students and remain accessible to those students in both the traditional classroom setting as well as in online courses. The MPA program uses several features to make online classes feel more like traditional in class courses without the limitations of traditional classes. Online students discuss issues with other students through discussion board exchanges; different views are shared with other students whose geographical locations span the states as well as the world. Online archived lectures or presentations along with “live” Troy class chat rooms give MPA students access to their instructor, other classmates and course materials anytime, anywhere. This is the reality for our online MPA students. Why settle for the old non-responsive, correspondent-type online programs of the past? Troy’s MPA program is modern and mobile, a front-runner in using the latest education technology, and invests in only the most user-friendly software developed to use on a student’s home computer. See what we have to offer our students in our MPA Program.

Graduation Rates

2009-2010 Cohort

Total # of enrollments 2 Years 5 Years
317 58 139

Troy University MPA Graduate Employment Data

  2012 - 2013 2013 - 2014 2014 - 2015
National or central government  in the same country as the program 5 4 14
State, provincial or regional government  in the same country as the program 7 5 14
City, County, or other local government  in the same country as the program 4 11 13
Foreign government  (all levels) or international quasi-governmental 0 0 1
Nonprofit domestic-oriented 2 7 7
Nonprofit/NGOs internationally-oriented 0 0 1
Private Sector - Research/Consulting 0 1 9
Private Sector but not research/ consulting 2 4 12
Military 9 9 0
Obtaining further education 0 2 0
Unemployed seeking employment 7 2 0
Unemployed not seeking employment 0 0 0
Status Unknown 126 57 31
Total Number of Graduates 162 102 102
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