TROY alumnus cast in ‘Raisin in the Sun,’ wins broadcast journalism award

Posted: Monday, 17 September 2007

TROY—For some college graduates, adjusting to the real world is a challenge, as they may take a few months, if not years, to find their way.

Then there’s Chauncy Glover. Glover, a member of the Troy University Class of 2007, is settling in to post-college life just fine. He lives in Columbus, GA, where he works as a news reporter for WTVM-TV. Glover is getting involved in the community, too, as he was cast in the Liberty Theater’s upcoming production of “A Raisin in the Sun.”

Glover, a native of Huntsville, will play the role of Joseph Asagai, an African student who is part of a love triangle. “Raisin in the Sun,” written by Lorraine Hansberry, tells the story of an African-American family in Chicago coping with upward mobility and white resistance. It won Hansberry the Drama Critics Circle Award in 1959.

The Liberty Theater was built in 1924, and opened in 1925. It was the first black theater in the city, and at the time of its construction it was the largest movie house in the city. The Liberty re-opened in 1996 and became the first African-American arts institution and musical playhouse in Columbus.

“I am excited about getting involved in this production,” Glover said. “It opens on Sept. 21 and I am sure I will enjoy the experience.”

Glover is also making his mark in his new job as a television reporter. He joined WTVM last May and has already received an award for a story on how careless pharmacists can help thieves identify victims by failing to properly dispose of customer records, as the law requires.

“I literally went ‘dumpster diving’ near some pharmacies to see what records were available,” Glover said. “Today, all a criminal needs to commit a crime is just basic information on a person, and that should not be available in dumpsters. Pharmacies must be extra cautious in handling consumers’ sensitive information. I’m glad I was able to literally dig in and get to the bottom of what is now a not a problem anymore. The corporate offices of the pharmacies I unveiled visited Columbus and retrained all of their employees on the correct disposal methods.”

While at TROY, Glover was active in student government, and served as a Trojan Ambassador. A graduate of the Hall School of Journalism, Glover was a reporter and anchor for TrojanVision, the campus TV station.