Troy University Technology Officer Greg Price to be profiled in upcoming book

Posted: Thursday, 06 September 2007

TROY- Greg Price, chief technology officer at Troy University, is one of 12 technology leaders that will be profiled in the new book, “Inside the Minds: Technology Leadership Series,” which is scheduled for release in late fall.

A review panel selected those to be profiled after considering the contributions of individuals to the field of technology through a variety of sources, including participation in national and international conferences.

Price said he was surprised when he received word of his selection. “It came out of nowhere,” said Price. “I have given quite a few presentations and written a few papers.”

Price said the book will give an overall review of the technology field in each profile.

“They want to know how we approach projects,” said Price. He also said the authors wanted to know how the individuals approached technology management and how they integrated technology into the mission statement of their companies, or in Price’s case, the University.

Price, a TROY alumnus, has been a member of the University’s staff since 1997. Under his leadership, the Troy University Information Technology Department has been instrumental in the Cyberkids Protection Initiative, a project of the Alabama Attorney General’s Office and the Alabama Department of Children’s Affairs.

Price has published numerous articles and papers in scholarly journals and has presented at national and international technology conferences, including the National Cybercrimes Conference.