Russian University president update

Posted: Thursday, 19 October 2007

Oct. 22-25: Dr. Vladimir S. Danyushenkov, rector of Vyatka State Humanities University in Kirov, Russia will be at Troy University with various media availabilities.

On Oct. 25, Dr. Danyushenkov and Chancellor Hawkins will sign a formal agreement establishing an academic partnership between TROY and Vyatka State. This signing ceremony will be conducted at 10 a.m. in the General Academic Building Conference Room on the third floor. Both Dr. Danyushenkov and Dr. Hawkins will be available for interviews at this time.

Additional opportunities to interview Dr. Danyushenkov are:

Oct. 22    1:30 – 3 p.m.      Lecture to International Relations Students Troy/HAL Hall

Topic: Reforms of Vladimir Putin
Media contact: Clif Lusk

Oct. 23    10 a.m.      Friendship Ceremony with city officials      Doth./Harrison

Mayor to present key to the city
Media contact: Inga Oberst

Oct. 23    1:30 – 3 p.m.      Lecture to College of Education      Troy/HAL Hall

Topic: Education Reform in Russia
Media contact: Clif Lusk

Oct. 24    3 p.m.      Rosa Parks Museum Tour      Mont./RPM&L

[4:30 p.m. meet with city/campus officials]
Media contact: Regina Ryals

Oct. 25    10 a.m.      Signing ceremony      Troy/GAB Conf.

Media contact: Clif Lusk

Please contact the University Relations Office to set up for any of these times. Dr. Danyushenkov does not speak English and interviews will be conducted through an interpreter. Therefore, the UR Office will ensure an interpreter is available for your use. For Dothan Campus availability, please contact Inga Oberst, University Relations coordinator, at 334-983-6556 ext. 1-217.

Pronunciation of Danyushenkov is DANYOU-SHANK-OFF.

About the agreement: Vyatka State and TROY will enter into an agreement that will allow students from Vyatka State to earn a bachelor of business administration or bachelor of science in environmental science from both institutions by a student attending three years at Vyatka State and a minimum of three semesters in residence at Troy University. It is the first such agreement to take place between TROY and a Russian institution of higher education.