“Haunted Hill” tradition a service for University families

Posted: Thursday, 01 November 2007

TROY -- Twenty-one years ago, Barbara Patterson, director of student involvement at Troy University, had an idea for an event that would allow students to show their appreciation to the University and its faculty and staff that work for them everyday.

It would be a Halloween event that would provide a safe place for the children of these faculty and staff members to trick-or-treat.

At the time, all of the sororities were located in Pace Hall. This provided a location for the event to take place and “Pace Haunted Hall” was begun.

“The sororities would decorate each hall and the children of faculty and staff could come trick-or-treat there,” said Patterson.

When the sororities moved locations to what is now called Sorority Hill, the name of the event was changed to “Haunted Hill.”

“It’s really a service to the University,” said Patterson, “a way that the fraternities and sororities can say ‘thank you’ to the faculty and staff and their fellow students by giving their children a safe place to trick-or-treat.”

Jenny Stone, Panhellenic scholarship and programming officer, was put in charge of planning the event this year. In planning, she had to pair the fraternities and sororities together and make sure that they all had an event or game that they were going to do at their house.

Stone also set the date for this year’s Haunted Hill.

“I thought that it would be nice to actually have the event on Halloween this year,” said Stone, “and what better day to have a Halloween event then on Halloween itself.”

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