Troy University and Hyundai Manufacturing to dedicate plaques for Rosa Parks Library and Museum

Posted: Thursday, 15 November 2007

Nov. 29: At 3 p.m., Troy University and Hyundai Manufacturing officials will dedicate 10 bronze plaques that will form an exterior exhibit at the Rosa Parks Library and Museum.

Representing the University will be Chancellor Jack Hawkins Jr. and representing Hyundai will be HMMA Vice-President Rick Neal.

The exhibit will include 10 36-inch bronze roundels depicting significant scenes and events that took place during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Created by Montgomery native Winfred A. Hawkins and The Plaxx Company, the exhibit is made possible through an $80,000 grant from HMMA. The roundels are described through their titles:

  • Car Pooling
  • The Lone Passenger
  • Rosa Parks’ Arrest
  • Victory Ride
  • Refusing to Ride
  • Police Surveillance
  • Protesting Injustice
  • Mass Meeting
  • Empty Parked Buses
  • Foot Soldiers Sharing a Ride

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