Troy University confers degrees in Vietnam

Posted: Thursday, 28 February 2008

Twenty-six students at two universities in Vietnam became the latest Troy University graduates this week, as Chancellor Jack Hawkins, Jr. led the University’s first two commencement ceremonies in that southeast Asia nation.

Thirteen students from the College of Economics at Vietnam National University received TROY diplomas on Wednesday, Feb. 27, while an additional 13 students from Hanoi University of Technology received diplomas on Thursday, Feb. 28. Both schools are partners with Troy University on this international venture.

“We live in a changing world,” Dr. Hawkins told the graduates. “How many of us would have believed 40 years ago that an American university would ever hold a graduation ceremony in Vietnam?”

A global economy demands global universities, Dr. Hawkins said, which is why so many American institutions are developing stronger international programs. Troy University, for example, operates more than 60 teaching sites outside of Alabama in 16 U.S. states and 12 nations outside the United States.

“You will be prepared for leadership roles in the global community,” Dr. Hawkins said in his commencement remarks at both institutions. “Contact with classmates from other nations will enable you to understand the people of the world. With understanding will come appreciation.”

Students earned degrees in business administration and computer science. Dr. Earl Ingram, Vice Chancellor of University College, the division that operates Troy University sites located outside of Alabama, conferred the degrees.

The commencement ceremony at Vietnam National University on Wednesday marked the first time for an American university to award baccalaureate degrees on Vietnamese soil.