TROY students making an impact with Red Cross

Posted: Monday, 24 March 2008

TROY -- Troy University students have taken a national organization and made it their own.

The Troy University American Red Cross Campus Club is one of only two ARC student organizations in the state of Alabama, and student organizers say their aim is serving the campus and Troy community.

“I felt that Troy University needed an organization that not only holds blood drives but does so much more,” said Kristen Carter, a senior human services major from Mobile and club chairperson. “We needed an organization that promoted safety awareness, weather awareness and helping others.”

In many ways, the campus club will function like any other local Red Cross chapter, said Pike County Red Cross director Jane Thrash.

“They do some of the same things we do,” said Thrash. “Just like the local chapter, they will come help when a disaster hits.”

When that time comes, the club’s 62 members can join forces with the Pike County chapter and expand the Red Cross’ work off campus.

“The ARC helps in so many ways such as blood services, Armed Forces services, health and safety, Project Share (a financial assistance for the disabled and elderly), disaster services, fire safety and awareness, disaster relief and helping out in the community where we are needed,” Carter said.

It was the desire to help others that propelled Carter, who transferred from Auburn to TROY, to get the club organized. Membership is easy, too.

“I had helped at Auburn, and [when I came here] I just thought that TROY needed a chapter,” she said.

The club requires a student attend at least two meetings a semester and participate in one special event a semester, including blood drives. There are meetings once a month, and there are no dues to join the club.

“In the future we hope to be of assistance when severe weather strikes, to hold a number of blood drives, to promote first aid and CPR, to offer special events so that other students may get involved and support local community, as well as to help the community of Troy University wherever assistance is needed,” said Carter.