Troy University Collegiate Singers present concert Friday night

Posted: Tuesday, 04 March 2008

TROY -- Troy University Collegiate Singers present the annual Choral Masterworks Concert at 7:30 p.m. March 7 in the Claudia Crosby Theater.

Johannes Brahms delightful Liebeslieder Walzer or Lovesong Waltzes¸ as they’re known in English, will anchor the evening that also includes folk songs by Brahms and folk settings of two popular American songs by Aaron Copland.

The Collegiate Singers are the largest choral ensemble at Troy University and are under the direction of Dr. Catherine Allard. The membership of the chorus is drawn from throughout the University’s student body. This semester students from Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi join students from China, Korea and Viet Nam to make music at TROY.

Joining the chorus will be two members of the John M. Long School of Music to play the challenging and beautiful duo piano accompaniment: Dr. Hui-Ting Yang, originally from Taiwan and Troy native Dr. John Jinright. Mr. Michael Orlofsky of the Troy University English department will read poetry appropriate to the theme of the love song waltzes. Perhaps that should be “themes” since the aspects of love are as many as there are human beings to experience it.

“Each song is in three-quarter time, waltz-time -- the dance of love that scandalized and shocked during the 19th century because men actually held their partners in their arms,” said Dr. Allard. “The waltz, therefore, becomes the perfect meter for the ‘dance of love’ depicted by Brahms in this choral master work.”

The first song begins with the men of the chorus inviting the women only to look at them since all of the men have been “slain by their glances.” The women’s reply indicates that they do not want the men to suffer and so they will meet them “when the stars greet the night”. From there passions flow, hearts are won and broken, fathers attempt to keep their daughters from loving the wrong men, nosy neighbors gossip, wronged lovers fume and true love wins out in the end.

“I’d Enter Your Garden”, “The Fiddler”, “How Sad Flow the Streams”, “At Night”, “Awake, Awake!” and “A House ‘Neath the Willow’s Shade”, the Brahms Six Folk Songs, have been extremely popular with choruses and audiences alike ever since they were first performed in the 1880’s.

Aaron Copland’s At the River and Ching A Ring Ching round out the evening with a decidedly American folk flavor.

Admission is free, but for more information at 334-670-3503.