Troy University Public Radio launches Spring Friendraiser

Posted: Monday, 31 March 2008

TROY – Troy University Public Radio launches its Spring Friendraiser April 4 with a new twist to its lineup.

This year, as the public radio provider sails into its 40th year, a switch to hybrid digital radio, or HD radio, is nearing. In addition to regular programming, the radio service will add two new digital channels, Classical Music 24 and BBC World News Service.

“HD radio is ‘value-added radio,’” said program manager Fred Azbell. “Unlike satellite radio, HD radio has no monthly subscription fee.”

During the Spring Friendraiser, which runs through April 11, those patrons making pledges will received a table-top HD radio that includes both digital channels and standard AM and FM stations.

The HD radio service will be offered within the primary coverage areas of Montgomery, Troy, Dothan and Phenix City/Columbus, Ga.

This year’s goal is $45,000 and the proceeds from the Spring Friendraiser help disperse the cost of purchasing public radio programs like Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Car Talk, Performance Today and A Prairie Home Companion.

New listeners that have moved into the coverage area are encouraged to become supporters of Troy University Public Radio through their tax-deductible contributions. Corporate matching grants offer businesses an exciting opportunity to match pledges from listeners and increase support for public radio.

Special on-air guests from the communities in the coverage area will share their views on the importance of supporting public radio as a source of news, entertainment, community happenings and celebration of the arts.

The Troy University Public Radio network serves listeners in central and east Alabama on WTSU 89.9 FM Troy and Montgomery, southeast Alabama and the north Florida Panhandle on WRWA 88.7 FM Dothan, and southwest Georgia on WTJB 91.7 FM Columbus and Phenix City. Troy University Public Radio is a public service of Troy University.

For more information on Troy University Public Radio’s Spring Friendraiser, call 1-800-800-6616 or visit on the worldwide web. Contributions are tax deductible.