Veteran financial aid officer tapped for Associate Vice Chancellor role

Posted: Monday, 31 March 2008

TROY – Troy University has named veteran financial aid officer Carol Precise Supri to the post of Associate Vice Chancellor for Financial Aid.

Supri, who has been filling the office on an interim basis, is currently the University’s Director of Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs – a post she’s held since 1995.

“The majority of students rely upon scholarships, grants and loans to underwrite their education. Our financial aid office processed $194 million last year,” said Troy University Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins Jr. “It’s big business which deserves a servant-oriented leader. Carol Supri is an outstanding leader who will place our students first in all she does.”

Supri, who holds both undergraduate and master’s degrees from Troy State University Montgomery, first joined the TROY staff in June 1991 as associate director of financial aid, a post she held until 1994, when she became associate director of financial aid at Auburn University.

Her prior work experience includes filling financial aid roles at Auburn University Montgomery and Coastal Training Institute. She is chair of the Alabama Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators By-Laws Committee and has received the Full Circle Award for outstanding commitment in student service and the Troy University Employee Service Award.

“Her commitment to Troy University and its students is well proven,” said Senior Vice Chancellor Richard J. Federinko, who announced the appointment. “She is respected by the faculty, staff and students and we are most fortunate to have someone with her experience and skills.”

For Supri, however, the appointment holds greater significance. Her father, the late Carl Precise, led the University’s financial aid office for many years. Her son is also a collegiate financial aid officer.

“I want to continue to support our students who rely so heavily on financial assistance so that they have the opportunity to earn an education,” she said.