Troy University Hall School of Journalism offering options for Chinese students

Posted: Thursday, 03 April 2008

TROY – Teaching journalism is challenging enough in one language, but faculty and staff members in Troy University’s Hall School of Journalism are finding new ways to provide practical experience for some international students.

“There are a lot of 1-2-1 students in the journalism program,” said Kyle Bozeman, television manager at the University and a faculty member. “There’s no business more language-dependent than journalism and we were interested in presenting opportunities to our Chinese students here in Troy.”

The University developed the internationally recognized model for dual-degree programs with its Sino-American 1-2-1 Dual Degree Program that partners with universities in the People’s Republic of China to bring students to TROY. The students from China begin their collegiate studies at their home institution, transfer to the Troy Campus for two years and return to their home institutions for a final year of study. The students receive both a degree from TROY and one from their home institutions when studies are completed.

The idea of a Chinese-language newscast was prompted by a suggestion from Chancellor Jack Hawkins, Jr., Mr. Bozeman said.

“Chancellor Hawkins asked if there was a way we could involve the 1-2-1 students in a hands-on learning experience. What better way to do that than a newscast the students can do in their own language and targeted to Chinese audiences both here and back home?” Mr. Bozeman said.

The concept, begun in earnest in Spring 2007, generates about four newscasts per semester and are about five minutes long. The newscasts “air” on the internet and are available to anyone in the world with internet access.

“Who’s a better audience than Mom, Dad and friends back home?” Mr. Bozeman said, adding that the program features both translated voice-overs for TrojanVision stories and original interviews in Chinese. “Anywhere on earth, people can access that for news on what’s going on at Troy University.”

Student anchor Wu Jiajun, a 1-2-1 student from Wuhan, China’s Hubei University, said the program gives her more hands-on experience in the profession.

“In China, we mostly study journalism theory, but in America it’s practice and production,” she said. “This gives me more practice in journalism.”

Wu has anchored four of the newscasts so far, and is the second anchor since the newscast started.

The 1-2-1 Troy University News can be accessed via the web at and clicking on “Troy University 1-2-1 News.” For more information about the Hall School of Journalism, call 334-670-3289.

Laylah Amatullah Barrayn