Confucius Institute at Troy University raising funds for earthquake disaster relief

Posted: Tuesday, 30 May 2008

TROY—An institute at Troy University designed to promote Chinese language and culture is accepting donations to aid China in the wake of the devastating earthquake that killed thousands on May 12.

The Confucius Institute at Troy University has set up a special fund through the Troy University Foundation, according to Dr. Maryjo Cochran, dean of the College of Communications and Fine Arts and president of the board of directors of the institute. Dr. Cochran said any funds raised by Troy University for this purpose will be turned over to the International Red Cross.

Dr. Cochran said Troy University started this project because “it’s the right thing to do” and because approximately 300 students on the Troy Campus are from China.

“The bottom line is that so many of our students come from China to be a part of our university community and the larger Troy community,” Dr. Cochran said. “I believe we have an obligation to offer a helping hand to those who are trying to rebuild their communities in China after this catastrophe.”

Send donations to the Troy University Foundation, 256 Adams Administration Building, Troy University, AL 36082. Please designate your donation to the Chinese Disaster Relief Fund.

Several TROY students were directly affected by the earthquake, which took more than 40,000 lives, according to latest estimates. University officials have not learned of any deaths of alumni or current TROY students, although some students have reported losing their homes to the earthquake.

Troy University became the first Alabama university to house a Confucius Institute on Oct. 11, 2007. The Confucius Institute at Troy University is the first such established in Alabama and the 23rd in the United States.

Additionally, the Office of the Chinese Language Council International, the governmental office that administers the Confucius Institute, has similar institutes in 30 other nations. Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology serves as the University’s Confucius Institute host.