TROY Educators Strengthen Ties in the Philippines

Posted: Wednesday, 21 May 2008

DOTHAN – Troy University, a leader in teacher education and global learning, is preparing to send a delegation to the Philippines this summer to strengthen the University’s ties in the Southeast Asian nation. During the trip, TROY faculty members will collaborate with Filipino educators, conduct teacher workshops and work to develop study abroad opportunities for TROY education majors.

Visiting the Philippines from May 30 to June 25 are Dr. Robin Bynum, associate dean of the College of Education; Dr. Rodney Davis, assistant professor of Educational Administration and Leadership; and Dr. Mike Rippy, assistant professor of Educational Leadership. The educators are based on the Dothan Campus, but will represent the entire College of Education.

This is the second TROY delegation to visit the island nation. Last summer, Drs. Davis and Rippy were part of a group that met with the nation’s top education leaders. They also shared information about K-12 and higher education in the United States with teachers, administrators and education majors at St. La Salle University. The school, which has an enrollment of more than 10,000 students, invited the TROY educators back this summer.

The delegation will also present a conference at Tarlac State University. TROY recently established a relationship with Tarlac. The TROY educators will advance the partnership and work to create opportunities for students and faculty at both universities, according to Dr. Davis.

“The world our students are encountering is different than the world we entered,” Dr. Davis said. “We can no longer prepare them for the world that was. The skill set needed to succeed in the 21st century revolves around problem solving, critical thinking, technology and international collaboration.”

This is Dr. Bynum’s first visit to the Philippines. In the past, she traveled to Germany on behalf of Troy University to create professional development programs for German teachers of English. She said experiences like these increase knowledge of content and instructional methodology.

“At TROY we aim to develop innovative, informed and reflective decision makers,” Dr. Bynum said. “This trip will help us to prepare our preservice teachers, inservice teachers and educational leaders to work with diverse learners and those from other cultures.”

Drs. Bynum and Davis will also conduct research in two areas during the trip. They will look at the impact of professional development workshops on student achievement. They will also study parental perceptions about effective schools.

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