Troy University students collecting money to aid China’s earthquake victims

Posted: Thursday, 15 May 2008

TROY—The earthquake that struck parts of China earlier this week created an emotional aftershock at Troy University, as almost 300 Chinese students are enrolled on the Troy Campus.

Debbie Davis, director of international student life, said she has heard from several of the TROY students from China who were visiting their homeland when the earthquake hit.

“TROY has many students from Sichuan Province and the nearby provinces that were devastated by the earthquake,” Davis said. “So far, we have no reports of any injuries among our students or alumni, but a current student who is visiting home during the break was in his hometown of Dujiangyan, one of the hardest hit cities, at the time of the earthquake.”

Davis said the student, Zeng Kailin, responded Wednesday to her e-mail inquiring about his safety. Zeng confirmed that his hometown of Dujiangyan is in shambles.

“Thousands of people died immediately,” Zeng, a graduate student at TROY, said in his e-mail. “We are out of electricity, water, everything stopped. My city endured the most damage; the government premier is in my city these days. We have tens of thousands soldiers and rescue teams in my city.”

The Chinese Students Association at Troy University is collecting donations to aid the earthquake victims, Davis said. To contribute, send cash or checks to CSA at 129 Pace Hall, Troy University, Troy, AL 36082. The checks can be made payable to either CSA or the Chinese Consulate General in Houston. Please be sure to put “For China’s Earthquake Disaster Relief,” Davis said All money collected will be sent to the Chinese Embassy to provide assistance to the victims of the earthquake.

NOTE: jpeg images of the earthquake damage in China, taken by a Troy University student visiting his home city of Du Jiang Yan, are attached. There is also additional information available at the Chinese Student Association’s website at

Laylah Amatullah Barrayn

Laylah Amatullah Barrayn